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Hi I am Marcia Cutts, I was a division 1 collegiate Track & Field Athlete. Upon graduation I found a passion for coaching. I was an assistance Sprint and hurdle coach in Farmington, MI. I am a certified speed & agility coach with more 10 years experience. I specializes in mobility and flexibility and working with youth. I am also the Head track & Field coach for Allatoona Jr. Bucs Track & Field and trainer.

8-Week Program

Proper running mechanics is the foundation for all sports. Before you can learn speed and agility, you need to learn mobility. We will focus on learning how to move our body through drills, running and stretching, utilizing speed ladders, mini hurdles, and the greatest piece of equipment there is “Our Body”.

  • Speed, Sprints & Agility: This program will teach proper sprint mechanics for all kids interested in increasing their overall fitness level, agility and SPEED!

  • Jumping & Bounding: This program will teach proper jumping, bounding and landing. This will help increase overall strength and agility.

  • Yoga & Pilates: Will help increase flexibility and dexterity.

Items Needed: Good Running Shoes, Water and a Great attitude!

  • No Crocs, Vans or Converse can be worn to workout.

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